The global marketplace for energy is transformed through Bitcoin
Afixing the term "digital" to legacy words is an exponential change, not a linear change.
Now that El Salvador has adopted Bitcoin, which countries are most likely to follow suit?
The implications of converting electricity into a scarce, digital asset are profound.
Everything is getting more expensive. What prices you care about are the prices that matter most.
Examining the properties of money provides an understanding of value
The collision between Blockbuster and Netflix was between physical and digital business models. The winner was inevitable.
Digitally scarcity is a profound innovation, and is the foundation of the 21st Century economy
Base-layer monies are not backed by assets, they are backed by ideas.
To understand Bitcoin’s significance, applicability, and potential, it is worthwhile to first understand money.
Bitcoin's digital nature is not detrimental to its value, it is among its greatest features